Parents and students: here is where you can see what work I do to keep my maths and teaching knowledge up to date.

Fellow teachers: here is the formal CPD that I have valued. You may sense a pattern! I haven’t included books I’ve read, websites I use or conversations I’ve had with other maths teachers on Twitter.

June 2020: Craig Barton’s Misconceptions in maths: Angles – Part 1. In this free course, Craig pulls apart measuring and estimating angles, angles in triangles and angles that create a straight line, looks at misconceptions in detail and talks about ways of finding and fixing them. This was not a long course to work through but was thought-provoking and just the kind of in-depth discussion that I enjoy.

2019: Live Online Professional Development courses run by MEI. I took two courses in the autumn in A-level Statistics and Mechanics with the aim of updating my subject knowledge and getting some new teaching ideas. These courses are free for teachers working in UK state schools and otherwise cost £95 each. I felt this was a good investment given that my tutoring had happened to lean more towards teaching Pure Maths rather than Applied.

2019: Teaching Further Mathematics 1 run by MEI, free for teachers in state-funded schools, otherwise £300. This was a course that I had attempted two years earlier but couldn’t manage alongside my teaching duties. MEI kindly allowed me to have a second go and I was thrilled to complete it the second time round. I thought the course was excellent and may, at some point in the future, enrol for TFM 2.

2012-14 Teaching A-level Mathematics run by MEI. I was really fortunate to be sent on this course by my school when I was an NQT. It helped me to realise the kind of teacher I wanted to be, taught me lots of subject knowledge and teaching ideas and helped spark my interest in vocabulary and etymology after I completed a research project as part of the Masters that TAM can be linked to.

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