My teaching philosophy

Is maths a mystery? Do you wish you understood ‘why’ as well as ‘how’? If you ask a question, does your teacher give the same explanation again and again? It doesn’t have to be that way.

My methods really work; my students increase their mathematical abilities and confidence, and can explain what they’re doing. Some are so excited after my lessons that they can’t wait to tell their parents all about it! Do you wish your child was so inspired by their teacher that they voluntarily did extra maths in order to improve?

I got my PGCE in the UK and have seven years of experience teaching all levels from 11-18, including the new British GCSE and A-level. In the first lesson, I’ll ask lots of questions to get a picture of what my new student can and can’t yet do, and more importantly, what they understand. I’ll then use that to build a programme for the next few weeks, including any topics that they would like to work on. Often I point out weaknesses that my students haven’t noticed or haven’t realised are holding them back; once we fix these, progress is visible and can be quick.

My planning is completely flexible and is built around my student’s progress and needs, and I use a variety of resources so that we can explore topics in different ways. I am patient and used to explaining concepts in several different ways to find the way that works for each individual. I don’t teach tricks (unless you want me to), I focus on helping students to understand.

So if your child has had a difficult time with maths at school, or perhaps you’ve tried other tutors and been disappointed, fear not, there is a better way. Follow other parents who have noticed their child leave my lessons with a grin, and a bounce in their step, follow other students who have messaged me after exams to tell me that there was so much they could do!

This way works; maths doesn’t have to be a mystery.

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